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Reflective teaching. Meaningful living.

Didn't you know that the Filipino migrant group is the 5th biggest (7,052) in Thailand in the "All Occupations" category, followed by the US (6,838)? The Japanese (23,060) top the list. The British (8,481) and the Chinese (8,414) come second and third, respectively.
(Department of Employment, Ministry of Labor- Thailand)

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"We wanted a labour force, but human beings came."

- "I am Pilgrim"

"God's love for others does not stop at the border; neither should ours."

- Dillon Burroughs

In keeping with my unwavering ties to my homeland and my commitment as an educator and a scholar in the fields of language education and migration studies, I am maintaining 

this online platform. It is my simple act of reaching out to my students, 

fellow researchers and migrant workers who, just like me, are 

in constant search for meanings 

in this journey called 


            - Analiza Perez-Amurao


The global mobility of the Filipino workforce has reached a stage when the significant impact that arises from it can no longer be denied. Mainly propelled by the socio-economic factors, increased accessibility of transnational networks as well as other transformative agents, the Filipino presence in various service industries has become very much felt beyond the Philippine State's national and territorial borders.  Read more here

Educator. Scholar. Migrant.

Analiza Perez-Amurao. An educator, a scholar, and a migrant.

She has taught in various leading universities and conducted seminar- workshops for teachers, students, and corporate employees in the Philippines and Thailand. In various capacities, she has been involved in numerous academic, corporate training and advocacy activities. For years, she was a department vice-chair in a leading university in the Philippines, a coordinator on separate occasions in two different departments at Mahidol University International College in Thailand, a researcher publishing articles in various academic  venues, a facilitator in different teacher- and corporate- training programs, a scholar presenting papers in international conferences in Asia and in Europe, and an advocate promoting humanitarian and educational causes.  

Recognized for her contributions, she is a recipient of major regional, national, and domestic awards and recognition such as the following, apart from her numerous research and travel grants in Asia and Europe:

* the 2014 Philippine Normal University's Pagkilala 2014 Eminent Alumni Awards (Awardee)

* the 2013 Do More Awards (Finalist)

* the 2012 OBRA Awards for Outstanding Work Ethics (Awardee)

* the 2011 Bagong Bayani Award for Outstanding Overseas Employee (Awardee)

* the 2010 SEAMEO-Australia Press Award (Finalist), and 

* the 2009 Exemplary Teacher Award, PC-MUIC

As a migrant educator, she continues to advance her migration advocacy.